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The past few months have been extremely busy for me. I have met many inspiring and incredibly interesting people, traveled a lot, drastically changed a few things in my life, studied for a certification on a recently developed passion.

For some strange reasons, I almost feel like I started living again after a couple of years in which I self-restricted myself to a certain lifestyle, group of friends and hobbies. And I feel this is just the beginning. My life journey in the last months has left me hungrier for life. I am open to whatever else my new life will bring.

As a result, my blog has suffered, a bit. Or better, if you follow me, after a few moments of silence, you have noticed it has moved in a different direction, of which I am much more proud of, since reflects my passions and the changes in my life.

Firstly, I have re-designed The Daily Out, and it wasn’t a purely cosmetic exercise. I wanted to give more space to Travel, which takes quite a big chunk of my time. The focus on food will remain, albeit in a different way.

You will still find restaurant reviews, but since us (restaurant bloggers) tend to review similar restaurants and new openings at the same time, my aspiration is to use a slightly different tone of voice and approach. You will also find combined reviews, itineraries, foodie features and much more.

My blogging schedule will be restricted to a couple of posts a week, for two reason, one is to ensure quality; the other is because blogging is not my real life job :). I do it because I truly enjoy sharing my findings with my readers, but I need time to find my hidden gems!

I feel this post was long due, and  I genuinely hope you are excited as I am for The Daily Out’s  new journey.




2 thoughts on “A personal update”

  1. Caroline says:

    I think that as soon as maintaining a blog becomes a bit of a chore, it’s time to cut back. For the first few months of mine, I was determined to do a post almost every other day. But now I only want to write when I really want to and I have something interesting to say – I don’t want to be putting posts together just for the sake of material! nnTwo posts a week is plenty to keep everyone up to date. Have fun on your new adventures!nnCxnCocktails and Caroline

  2. The D@ily Out says:

    Thanks for popping by. Agreed, quality over quantity is the way forward :)

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