Have you ever dined at a butcher shop?

Have you ever dined at a butcher shop? I did yesterday, and I loved it. At 7PM on the dot – which meant a frantic Uber journey to get there on time  – I met with my friend Foodstinct aka my gay boyfriend at Hill & Szrok on Broadway market,…


London 30 most iconic dishes by Felicity Spector – Guest post

Today’s guest of my 30 most iconic London’s dishes blog takeover is the most “dessert-knowledgeable” Londoner I have ever met, and Channel 4 Deputy programme editor Felicity Spector. by Felicity Spector Here are my top 30 iconic London dishes – I’ve helpfully divided them into main dishes, brunch plates and…


London 30 most iconic dishes by Wilkes McDermid – Guest post

I have spent the last week catching up with my best friend, tanning, bumping into scary barracudas, snorkeling, drinking cocktails with impossible names – and yes getting slightly tipsy every now and then – and watching spectacular sunsets over the Caribbean sea. So I guess you can forgive me if I…


London 30 most iconic dishes by Clerkenwell_Boy – Guest post

Last week I published my ‘London’s Top 30 Most Iconic Dishes’ and hit a record high of traffic to the blog :). This inspired me to stage a blog-take over, giving a few of London’s most influential bloggers and Instagramers the chance to share their favourite dishes and hotspots. To…


London 30 most iconic dishes

London is spoilt for choice of places to eat, and millions of options of delicious food to order. Chatting with a few fellow bloggers recently, we were having fun coming up with our own lists of London most iconic dishes. Here is my shortlist of the dishes I believe are the most talked about,…

Novikov ape

What I miss (and I don’t) of my ‘past life’ in Milan

I moved to London 8 years ago, from Milan. When I introduce myself as an Italian, one of the first things I get asked is if I miss home, the weather and the food. And of course, I miss having four distinct seasons, a summer that is not a spring….


Meet Tony Kitous, the mind behind the Lebanese food revolution in London

Not long ago I met restaurateur Tony Kitous, the man behind Levant, Pasha, Kenza, and more recently Comptoir Libanais, an incredibly passionate advocate of Lebanese, Middle Eastern, North African food and culture. I couldn’t help but ask him a few questions, and of course share them with you. Tony, born…


Take a walk on the East side… and stop for dinner!

Recently there have been so many new openings, and in the East particularly, that is incredibly difficult to keep track of the London restaurant scene. September is shaping up to be even a busier month,  and I am at risk of an expanding waistline ;). Here are my three favorite…


#TiramisuGalore @ StreetFeast this Saturday

This week I have agreed to take a bit of a leap of faith and join other London Bloggers at Street Feast to sell… Tiramisu for #BloggerSaturday! I will have two flavours, Tiramisu Classico and Tiramisu al Limone (£4 for a huge portion, ideal to share). In the past few…

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London Mini Restaurant Guide

If you are visiting London and have no idea where to eat and drink, look no further! I get asked almost on a daily basis recommendations to eat out in London. This is why I have created a FREE Mini Guide you can download on your phone or print off….


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