Dim Sum challenge: Pearl Liang (London) vs Tim’s Kitchen (Macau)

I love Dim Sum! I could probably eat them every day!

When I am in London I tend to eat them at the same restaurants (Pearl Liang, Royal China and Yauatcha). Since I was lucky enough to be in Asia for a few weeks, I was excited to see if I could find better restaurants to enjoy these delicious Chinese small plates. So I set myself the challenge of sampling dim sum in as many places as I could and then compare the Asian winner to my favourite London spots.

My quest for the perfect dim sum took me to China Town in Singapore, at a random restaurant by the Birds market in Hong Kong, at Lot 10 food court in Kuala Lumpur (more to come about Kuala Lumpur!) … and finally at 2 Michelin stars rated restaurant Tim’s Kitchen in Macau, which was my Asian winner :). I also blogged about my dinner at Eight in Macau, if you are interested you’ll find it here.

What we ordered at Tim’s Kitchen:

Steamed prawn dumplings with salmon roe, lovely!


Scallop and chive dumplings, very thin wrapping, delicious taste and they looked really pretty.


Prawn dumplings with green (spinach) wrapping


Lo mai gai, which is glutinous rice wrapped in a lotus leaf with a filling of egg yolk, dried scallop, mushroom, water chestnut and beef. Delicious!


Rice noodle rolls (wide rice noodles that are steamed and then rolled) filled with barbequeued pork; They were nice, but a too much on the bland side for my liking.


One nice touch, our napkins were rolled to make a mouse shape.


Service was impeccable.

Score: 8/10

Just the week I was back in London, after my Grand Tour of Asia, I had the chance to pop at Pearl Liang in Paddington for a quick Sunday brunch.

This is what we ordered:

Cha siu baau, the most popular bun with a Cantonese barbecued pork filling, baked with a light sugar glaze to produce a smooth golden-brown crust. Crispy, shiny and still piping hot. Fantastic!


Prawn and chive dumplings: fresh and crunchy, and so delicate.


Mixed Cheung fan with beef, barbecued pork (my favorite) and prawns. Lovely as usual!


Egg tarts, they were piping hot and so tasty.


The grape fruit and mango with tapioca dessert was so fresh, and delicate. I loved the sweet and bitter combination of mango and grapefruit together.


Score: 8/10

My verdict: Even!! I wasn’t really expecting this! I loved Tim’s Kitchen for the attention to detail, the terrific service, and the quality of the dishes; but I always liked Pearl Liang too. Perhaps they pay a little less attention to presentation than Tim’s Kitchen, but the dim sum taste great, and they have more variety.

My search for the best dim sum continues :)

Tim’s Kitchen
G/F East Wing,
Lisboa Hotel (Old Lisboa)
Macau (China)
+853 799 7382

Avg price for two having dim sum and drinking green tea €40.

Pearl Liang on Urbanspoon

Square Meal

Avg price for two having dim sum and drinking jasmine tea £35.

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