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After a few drinks, and a very solid dinner at Pearl and Ash, another great new Nolita hot spot – with my favourite Estela –  I wake up on Saturday morning  super early, and slightly quite hangover. I quickly reach for my running gear and pretty soon I am out of the door, walking the few blocks to Central Park. The sun is shining on a still quiet Manhattan. I bump into fellow joggers on their way to the park.

Now, try to go running in Central Park, in July, hangover. The only thing on my mind is water. And silly me, the only thing I have in my pocket is my Amex card, and the key card of my hotel room. Great. I survive for 40 minutes, and defeated I run out of the park to the nearest Duane Reade shop where I grab a bottle of  chilled Fiji water, apparently the only brand it’s acceptable to sport around Manhattan whilst in your running gear.

After a revitalising cold shower, and an equally iced cold coffee, at 10 AM on the dot I meet C (my best friend) in the lobby and together we head to Brooklyn, to do the only thing sensible people would do on a Saturday morning in NYC; visit Smorgasburg.

Opened in 2011,  Smorgasbur is a food lover mecca, a streetfod market on Williamsburg waterfront, featuring around seventy vendors of locally-produced delicious food.

We spend the rest of the morning walking around the stalls, chatting with the vendors, sipping coconut water sitting on the grass, before heading to Narcissa for brunch.

Here is a little gallery of our delicious findings!


Walking to Smorgasburg


Donuts by Dough



Deep fried anchovies by


Bamboo bites


marshmallow brownies by Butter and Scotch


The infamous ramen burger.


Truffle spring rolls by Lumpia Shack.


Butched, cured, fermented & charred by Carnal


Carnal detail


Ethiopian lunch by Bunna cafe’



Pork sandwich by The Bolivian Llaama Party


Maple bacon mini cupcakes by Butter and Scotch


Bacon sticks by Bruffin


Bacon cheese cake by Biteme Cheesecake.


The Good Batch cookie ice cream sandwich

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