Good friends and a plan B, that’s all you need!


I have profusely expressed my disappointment with the viral walk-in policy of many recently opened restaurants, but I must admit,  booking comes with a few cons as well. Sometimes Often you find yourself waiting for weeks or even months in order to get a table at that talk-of-the-town restaurant.

Given a few recent walk-in and booking fiascos, my resolution is to do what any other sensible London foodie should could do; learn how to play with the system. Even if that means very early or very late dinners and lunches, and a lot of plans B, in case you are not able to get a table. Not ideal, I know, particularly if you, like me, enjoy a well planned night out. But c’est la vie, if you want to get a bite of that infamous burger. I am slightly warming at the walk-in idea, though I am still not mastering the art.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the last of my walk-in fails.  A, S and I, turned up at Burger and Lobster at 7, hungry and salivating just at the thought of buttery lobsters and crispy chips.

Sadly, we were promptly informed, by the slightly embarrassed front of house, that the waiting time to get a table was 3 hours.

We walked out of the restaurant with our tail between legs, brainstorming on where to go next. A came up with the best plan B ever, for a gloomy and freezing February evening: Korean food! Nothing better than the comfort of steamy, spicy hot food.

10 minutes and a bus ride later, we were in Great Windmill Street, where I remembered a little Korean joint I had visited a couple of years previously. Soju, also  known as Korean Kitchen, where we joined the fully Korean group of punters; sitting down at one of the small tables.

Soju is nothing fancy, in fact the interior is pretty run down, but the quality of the food is great and service really friendly and helpful.

What we ordered: delicious Korean chicken dumplings;  some really tasty special seafood pancakes and the best starter, crispy and fluffy fried calamari.


Both, A and I opted for bibimbap.




Mine, a perfectly executed dolsot bibimbap, with a pleasantly spicy sauce and juicy beef. It came with a soup, similar to miso. A’s version was with cooked chicken. Equally tasty and spicy.

S wasn’t so keen on meat, and ordered a pretty spicy Tofu soup and a side of rice.


Warmed up by a glass of red wine, and spicy food, we spent the evening chatting about our lives, and boys in particular. We had quite a few updates to share ;).

Final verdict, good food at a super affordable price. Perfect for a winter lunch or dinner if you are around Piccadilly. Thumbs up.

Sometimes all you need is good friends, good food and a glass of wine.

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3 thoughts on “Good friends and a plan B, that’s all you need!”

  1. Kelly Chee says:

    I like the Korean DongSan in Soho…decor pretty useless but I have a soft spot for their pork and kimchi soup. Had them when I was a student…I blame nostalgia :)

  2. Sahrazade says:

    Yum, that looks so tasty for a plan B! 😀

  3. The D@ily Out says:

    My fav Korean restaurants are in new Malden, aka little Korea. I have never been to DongSan though :)

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