Guilt-free Papaya Mousse

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Recently – when not eating out 😉 – I have been playing around with a few healthy recipes. This is a guilt-free dessert I have made an evening last week; Papaya mousse.

A delicious and virtually fat-free pudding, incredibly easy to make!

What you need to make 2:

  • 250g fat-free Greek yogurt
  • 1 Papaya
  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar

Blend papaya flesh and brown sugar until smooth. Pour 4 table spoons in a glass to use later.

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In a bowl, smooth out the Greek yogurt by stirring it with a spoon. Incorporate the papaya sauce gently, one spoonful at a time.


Carefully pour the yogurt mixture into serving glasses, top with the remaining papaya sauce.  Serve it chilled.

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There you have it! Your fat-free indulgent tropical dessert!



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