Ode to Bone Daddies


Last Thursday, after a morning of pretty useless meetings, I was feeling a little blue, and I needed  a good cheer up. When I am in a bad mood, my three antidotes are either a long chat with my best friend, a Bikram yoga class, or a little foodie adventure.

Being 1PM, only the latter was actually feasible. So, I peeled myself from the brown chair in the beige meeting room where I had spent most of the morning sipping Nescafe’ instant coffee – yup, don’t ask – and headed down to Bone Daddies, in the heart of Soho.

I know, I am jumping on the Bone Daddies wagon a little late, it has been opened for almost 3 months, but in all honesty, I was dreading the typical newly-opened queue of punters, being Bone Daddies another of the many new hotspots that don’t accept reservations.

Let me digress here. Last week I went out for an impromptu dinner with S and A. The plan was to grab a lobster at Burger and Lobster Mayfair. Perfect choice for a spontaneous choice with their walk in policy, right? When we turned up at 7PM, we were informed that they had a 3 hour wait for a table – I know they allow reservations in Farringdon, but we were just in the wrong end of the city. What time do they expect people to finish work, at 4PM? Se we ended up having a huge comforting Korean dinner at Soju. Post up soon.

Back to Bone Daddies, by the time that I got to the restaurant, lunchtime was well gone, and so had the queue (thankfully), because I managed to find a spot instantly at one of the huge sharing tables.

Bone Daddies is a small Japanese ramen bar, serving a variety of Japanese noodle dishes, made with long-simmered bone broth, perfect winter comfort food. The decor is minimalistic, with the quirky touch of a 50s Japanese themed wallpaper.


The crowd is a good mix of foodies and Sohoites – read: trendy designers who work in advertising in Soho and live between Dalston and Hackney central.

I had a brief look at the menu, but I already kind of knew what I wanted to order, having read tons of reviews in the past weeks.

Tonkotsu Ramen, with spring onion, chashu pork in the infamous 20 hour pork bone broth, washed down by green tea, although I must admit I was tempted by their interesting cocktail list.

Service was really friendly and helpful, and my food arrived quickly.

Just the look of the huge bowl cheered me up instantly. The vibrant, bold colours perfectly reflected  the depth of the ingredient combination. Tonkotsu is not just a soup, it’s an intricate symphony of flavours.


Incredibly tasty broth with a touch of ginger, perfectly cooked firm noodles, a soft gooey egg yolk, tender pieces of pork belly.  Mind blowing.  Every mouthful was a different flavour experience.

A few fellow bloggers warned me about the fatty thickness of the broth. I actually disagree, my broth was much lighter than I could have ever imagined. They must have fine-tuned the recipe in the past weeks.

My verdict? I am a Bone Daddies convert, to the point that I might even go back at a more normal time and queue for my meal – if the queue doesn’t start outside the restaurant.

Lunch for 1 £15.


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