A mainly foodie half a day in Venice

I love Venice. Yes, it’s touristy, full of shops selling Murano glass and venetian masks, cheap souvenir carts, day trippers from the many cruise ships; food mostly sucks if you don’t know where to eat. It’s expensive and yes, it’s romantic in a very stereotypical way with its web of…


A few 2013 highlights

As I am sitting here on my sofa, in front of my Christmas tree, I am wrapping up a big, satisfying yet challenging year. Lots happened but not in the usual way. My biggest life learning this year is that you need to be open and flexible to life changes,  extremely brave to find…


One weekend, two countries. Two opposite cities. Abu Dhabi (part 2)

After 36h spent in Oman, I am now sitting on a terrace on the 50th floor of my friend P’s flat in downtown Abu Dhabi, watching the incredible skyline of ultramodern high-rises over the Persian Gulf coastline. It’s 2AM, 34C, in November, miles away from the first wave of cold…

Novikov ape

What I miss (and I don’t) of my ‘past life’ in Milan

I moved to London 8 years ago, from Milan. When I introduce myself as an Italian, one of the first things I get asked is if I miss home, the weather and the food. And of course, I miss having four distinct seasons, a summer that is not a spring….


One weekend, two countries. Two opposite cities. Muscat & Abu Dhabi (part 1)

Until a month ago, If you asked me where Oman was, I would have quite possibly pointed somewhere between Kuwait and Bahrain, north of Dubai, probably inland. Despite my traveller reputation, my geographical knowledge of the Persian Gulf was atrocious. If you are curious, I was wrong. Oman occupies a…


Island hopping in the Cyclades – Folegandros – part 2

After a few days partying in Mykonos, and almost a week of blissful relaxation in Koufonissi, we packed everything and jumped on the Sea Jet boat to Folegandros (φολέγανδρος), a remote and rocky small island in the Aegean Sea, about 40km north of Santorini.   Folegandros is one of the very few…


Meet Tony Kitous, the mind behind the Lebanese food revolution in London

Not long ago I met restaurateur Tony Kitous, the man behind Levant, Pasha, Kenza, and more recently Comptoir Libanais, an incredibly passionate advocate of Lebanese, Middle Eastern, North African food and culture. I couldn’t help but ask him a few questions, and of course share them with you. Tony, born…


Island hopping in the Cyclades – part 1

  Last August I spent a couple of weeks island hopping in Greece with a group of Italian friends. Our first stop was the uber-famous party island of Mykonos.   The days flew by, lounging on Agios Sostis and Agios Stefanos beaches, watching sunsets and sipping mojitos at Alemagou,  a…


Take a walk on the East side… and stop for dinner!

Recently there have been so many new openings, and in the East particularly, that is incredibly difficult to keep track of the London restaurant scene. September is shaping up to be even a busier month,  and I am at risk of an expanding waistline ;). Here are my three favorite…


A personal update

The past few months have been extremely busy for me. I have met many inspiring and incredibly interesting people, traveled a lot, drastically changed a few things in my life, studied for a certification on a recently developed passion. For some strange reasons, I almost feel like I started living…


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