Soho’s Secret Tea Room

Last saturday afternoon I planned to catch up with a friend in Soho.  This was the perfect opportunity to check out Soho’s Secret Tea Room, a place that has been on my ‘to go’ list for the last year!

Tucked away in heart of vibrant and noisy Soho,  Soho’s Secret Tea Room is a lovely little oasis of calm, albeit not very easy to find ;-).

When we came up to the Coach & Horses pub, we were a little confused,  but we walked in and asked the bar man for the tea room. He directed us behind the bar and up the stairs.

It  was just a flight of (smelly) stairs, but it felt like being in a time machine traveling back to the 1940s.  A waiter, dressed in a lovely vintage dress, greeted us at the entrance of this cosy living room and showed us to a wonderful window table.  I loved every detail, from the jazz and swing music playing from a gramophone, to the mismatched tea cups, the hourglass to time the tea infusion and the fresh flowers on the table.


We ordered  tea and scones with fruits.  They also offer the typical british afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches, fruit scones, cake and cup cakes. The tea choice is good, but we opted for a traditional Earl Grey.

Tea was really good, and the warm scones were yummy, light but tasty.   They come with a very creamy and rich clotted cream and strawberry jam.


My verdict: very relaxing and quirky little gem that I’ll visit again!

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Afternoon tea avg £18 per person.

Tea and scones less than £8.

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