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What I miss (and I don’t) of my ‘past life’ in Milan

I moved to London 8 years ago, from Milan. When I introduce myself as an Italian, one of the first things I get asked is if I miss home, the weather and the food. And of course, I miss having four distinct seasons, a summer that is not a spring….


Friday drinks ideas

TGIF! Yes… finally the end of a long week. And what’s the best way to relax? A drink or two with friends. But today, instead of the  pub chain around the corner from the office, why not try something a little different? CANDLE LIGHT The Candlelight Club is a clandestine…


Oink! Shabby chic dining in the New Forest

I  am what you call a city girl. I love London. I like the idea of tottering out of my apartment in the morning, half-awake, to find a mean cappuccino within a 50 meter radius. I want need a choice of at least 5 or 6 good great restaurants at stiletto-walking distance from my sofa. But  sometimes…


A dinner down memory lane at Peruvian restaurant Lima

When I first moved to London, as a graduate, I lived in Goodge street for a few months; in a tiny flat above an old school Italian Restaurant called Signor Grilli. That’s where I met a couple of my closest friends. Living in Goodge street is very different from just…


Best Spritz aperitif in London

If you have ever had aperitivo in Italy, you are Italian, or have dated an Italian… Well you are probably pretty familiar with Spritz, which also happens to be one of my favourite cocktails ;). Originally from the Veneto region, in the North East of Italy, it’s a mixed drink…


Stockholm summer weekend hotspots

A couple of months ago, my best friend moved to Stockholm to start a new job, and last weekend I was finally able to visit her. Just after work, I jumped on a taxi to Heatrow and flew in Stockholm Arlanda with SAS (I also discovered a brand new Zara…


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