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A weekend of ski & one too many prosecco

This ski season is probably one of the best of the past few years on the Italian Alps. Exactly the snow I like, fresh and fluffy, and tonnes of it. It’s virtually impossible for me to ignore this, every other day, amazing pictures of perfect slopes and sunny resorts appear…


Ramen galore, late lunch at Tonkotsu (fab) and at Toku (bad)

A couple of weeks ago, on a miserable day exactly like today, I spent my morning trapped in back-to-back meetings in Fitzrovia. At midday I could already feel my stomach rumbling, but it wasn’t until nearly 1.30PM that, almost fainting – ok, it’s my dramatic Italianity kicking in, feeling slightly…


Solo lunch at Patty & Bun

Last Friday I had a very early meeting out of town, and I was back in London by 11.30AM. Having been up since 5.30 AM, I was slightly hungry, starving. After a brief Twitter consultation, I decided to head down to Patty & Bun for a solo lunch treat. Well,…


The Orange Buffalo, the best wings in town

Last week, after a crazy morning running around, K from NuffnangX and I met for a really spicy lunch in Brick Lane. And before you wonder, it wasn’t to sample Indian specialties, but The Orange Buffalo‘s hot wings. Huge, crispy, freshly fried chicken wings, tossed in deliciously spicy hand-made orange…


Oink! Shabby chic dining in the New Forest

I  am what you call a city girl. I love London. I like the idea of tottering out of my apartment in the morning, half-awake, to find a mean cappuccino within a 50 meter radius. I want need a choice of at least 5 or 6 good great restaurants at stiletto-walking distance from my sofa. But  sometimes…


Indian street-food pit stop

Last week, after a pretty intense Bikram yoga class, I needed a quick late-lunch pit stop, and Mooli’s was just a stone’s throw away, in Frith street. This tiny shop sells tasty Indian street food, sort of burrito-wraps made with Roti, Indian flatbread, filled with very appetising and healthy ingredients….


Third time lucky at Bubbledogs

Third time lucky. After giving up twice for the overwhelming queue all the way down Charlotte Street last fall, I learnt my lesson, and ventured to Bubbledogs for a late lunch, as opposed to my previous Friday night attempts. So here we are, Miss S and I, on a mid-week freezing…


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