Solo lunch at Patty & Bun

Last Friday I had a very early meeting out of town, and I was back in London by 11.30AM. Having been up since 5.30 AM, I was slightly hungry, starving. After a brief Twitter consultation, I decided to head down to Patty & Bun for a solo lunch treat. Well,…


Silence is so underrated

Ever happened to be snoozing away on a train, and suddenly wake up because someone is shouting in their mobile phone? Or desperately trying to focus on a book, while on the bus, on a plane or in a cafe’ and find it impossible? Children screaming, parents lecturing them; teenagers…


MEAT Liquor, delicious burgers!

A few days ago I was literally dragged to MEAT Liquor by a group of friends; it was the 5 of us. I had managed to avoid this restaurant and cocktail bar until then, because I thought it was way too tempting for my healthy or semi-healthy food resolution! Until…


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