Have you ever dined at a butcher shop?

Have you ever dined at a butcher shop? I did yesterday, and I loved it. At 7PM on the dot – which meant a frantic Uber journey to get there on timeĀ  – I met with my friend Foodstinct aka my gay boyfriend at Hill & Szrok on Broadway market,…


Ramen galore, late lunch at Tonkotsu (fab) and at Toku (bad)

A couple of weeks ago, on a miserable day exactly like today, I spent my morning trapped in back-to-back meetings in Fitzrovia. At midday I could already feel my stomach rumbling, but it wasn’t until nearly 1.30PM that, almost fainting – ok, it’s my dramatic Italianity kicking in, feeling slightly…


Santa Maria, the real deal

Being Italian, I am asked all the time to recommend Italian restaurants in London. I always struggle. It’s really hard to find good quality Italian food in the Big Smoke; to the point that when I eat out, I don’t go to Italian restaurants (apart from Trullo, but head-chef Tim…


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