Wine and SPA escape

Over the last few weeks, things at work have become really hectic and I was in a desperate need of a relaxing break.
On Good Friday I boarded my flight to Milan Malpensa for a long weekend in the Monferrato region in Northern Italy. 
Initially I thought I’d spend the weekend just reading a book in the countryside, sipping a nice glass of Barolo until I’d read about  the spa “Lago delle Sorgenti” in Aqui Terme, thought I had to give it a try and booked a reasonably priced spa afternoon  (95 euros each) for me, my sister and my mum.
After a light lunch at Osteria Scacciapensieri in Canelli (highly recommended little gem that I discovered a few months back), where the chef Flavio makes personally every item on the menu, including the yummy Ravioli al plin ( hand rolled and closed with a pinch, unlike the typical ravioli), we headed to nearby Aqui Terme.
Frankly, I wasn’t impressed by the look of the building, but we happily walked in.
And this was a surprise…! Firstly, we were assigned a whole changing room, just for the three of us, which was great!
Once in our swimming suits, two therapists walked us to our treatment rooms. Everything is brand new, and really clean. We had a 40 minute massage. Here, mixed reviews, I thought mine was really good, particularly with the detoxing oil, my sister thought hers was a little too gentle.
Only one thing kind of bothered me, all  the therapists were men, and I didn’t really like to lie on my back  (topless)without a towel on for the first 5 minutes of my massage.  Then I closed my eyes and relaxed (and the therapist covered me with a towel, pfiu!).
After the massage we followed the ‘relax source’ 12 stop path that includes several swimming pools at different temperatures, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, steam bath with Tibet bells and a lovely detoxing tea.
I literally walked in feeling like toxic waste and walked out feeling like myself again :-)… just in over 4 hours!
Strongly recommended if you are in the area or fancy a break from wine tasting 😉
Viale Donati
15011 Acqui Terme (AL), Italy
 +39 0144 321860
website (only in Italian):
Spa afternoon + 40 mins massage: 95 Euros.
Via G.B. Giuliani 10/14
14053 Canelli (AT), Italy
Lunch, avg price per person: 30 Euros.
What we ordered:
Food: Beef tartare, Ravioli al Plin, Zabaglione Tiramisu, Mint and Chocolate Semifreddo. 
Drink: San Pellegrino, Gancia sparkling wine (made in Canelli).

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